Hawks, eagles, sparrows, seagulls, pelicans, phoenixes, rocs or rukhs (eagles that eat antelopes and elephants, with a wingspan of over 30 paces)...

The issola is a vaguely storklike bird with a sharper beak and darker colors, known for its graceful movements. The athyra is a large brown owllike bird that can emit psychic signals to lure prey or frighten predators. (Stolen from Steve Brust.)

The phoenix is an eagle- or heron-like bird with splendid plumage— purple with a gold band on the neck or a mixture of red, gold, and blue, a feathered crest on the head and tufts on the throat, with a blue tail picked out with rose-colored feathers— and jeweled eyes that lives for half a millennium or so. When it gets old, it builds nest of spices, herbs, resin, and twigs in the top of a date palm; this pyre is ignited by the sun and fanned by the bird’s own wings. It dies in the flames and is reborn as a young bird. By some accounts it is unique; it is always very rare. They run to large size, and are believed only to subsist on dew.

Feng Hwang

(Psychedelic Goblin.) Also Fêng-Huang, or, in Japan, Ho-Oo. The Feng Hwang is the Chinese phoenix: a symbol of virtue, uprightness, humanity, sincerity, and integrity. The Feng is the male bird, and the Hwang the female. (In Japan, the Ho is male and Oo is female.) A supernatural creature like the Lung (Chinese dragon) and Ch’i-lin (Chinese unicorn), the Feng Hwang were the nobility among birds, and striking in appearance. Rare and elusive, they were harbingers of great fortune, and about the size of a large eagle, with a plum-colored body, scarlet back and wings, golden head, and sweeping tail of rose and azure, and bore some resemblance to a pheasant or peacock. (Another description has them with the heads and combs of pheasants, the feathers of a peacock, three legs, beautiful plumage, and sweet songs; another has it with the head and comb of a jungle pheasant and a plumage of five colors.) Phoenixes start with only 3 schticks, and suffer the same problems with reversion as Dragons.

Attribute Modifiers
Fortune +8, Charisma +5, Intelligence +2, Perception +2, Agility +1

Flight. As the Rooster schtick of the same name (FS pp. 136).

Fortunate Bounty.
Chi Cost: 2
Shot Cost: 3
You may grant another individual luck. By spending 2 Chi and focusing on them for a single action, they immediately gain a single temporary Fortune point, which vanishes at the end of the sequence unless used. In addition, the recipient may use this Fortune point to negate the effects of a single fumble, if so desired.

Peck. As the Rooster schtick of the same name (FS pp. 136).

Stunning Beauty.
Chi Cost: 4
Shot Cost: 1
Weaving chi energy into your body, you radiate a beauty so intense it can stun an opponent. If your Charisma is higher than your opponent’s, they must make a Will roll (difficulty of your Charisma) in order to attack you, unless you attack them first. This effect lasts until the end of the sequence. Each extra schtick spent on this ability allows you to target an additional opponent.