Turtles, crocodiles, alligators, snakes, lizards, lizard men...

Gator/Croc. (Psychedelic Goblin.)
Bod 9 (Tgh 10), Chi 0, Mnd 1 (Per 5, Wil 6), Ref 6 (Dex 2)
Intimidation 12, Attack 8
Bite does Str + 4 (13) damage.

Jhereg are small, flying, venemous carrion-eating reptiles; sentient, but not tool-using. An iorich is a large, slow-moving river-dwelling reptile; while herbivorous, they are known for relentlessly following anything that attacks them, sometimes for weeks, to track them down and kill them. A yendi is a desert-dwelling sand-snake with an extremely subtle bite and a poison that is not noticeable until it suddenly kicks in, minutes to hours later. Jhegaala creatures that start as an egg, hatch into a moth, and metamorphose into a large toad. (Stolen from Steve Brust.)


Wyverns, leviathans, eastern and western dragons, hydras, feathered serpents... Wyverns are four-limbed with two legs and two wings; an amphiptere has no legs and a set of wings. A classical hydra has nine heads— eight are mortal and it grows back two for each one that is cut off (unless the stump is cauterized), and the ninth is immortal.

The classical Chinese Lung had the body of a snake, the scales of a carp, the head of a camel, the horns of a giant stag, the eyes of a hare, ears like a bull, a neck like an iguana, the belly of a frog, paws like a tiger’s, and claws like an eagle. Ti Lung was an earth dragon, Shen Lung a rain dragon, the two together making the Wang Lung. T'ien Lung was the celestial dragon; the Yu Lung got its start as a carp before turning into a dragon and making its way to heaven.


A baby dragon could be a player character Supernatural Creature with Armor, Abysmal Spines, Blast, Flight, and Transformation (to pretend to be a human in cities).

Dragaeran dragons are large reptiles that do not breathe fire; they have neck tentacles that pick up psychic impressions, which stiffen when it is alarmed.


(From Psychedelic Goblin, I believe.)

Naga are found in slight variations in the myths of China, India, Tibet and Japan, but the legends involving Naga are similar enough in each culture that a “generic” Naga can be presented here. Naga were powerful supernatural creatures noted for beauty, charisma, kindly behaviour and mild manner, but were terrible when angered. They lived beneath the waters of river, lake and sea in great luxury and wealth (especially gemstones), but were quite capable of living comfortably on land. Popular in Buddhist myth, they could assume human form, and control the winds and weather. In appearance they have the upper torso and head of an attractive human being, but the lower body of a snake. They also possessed horns and a pair of feathered wings.

Naga do not hail from the Underworld but are still subject to the effects of the Summoning schtick with the exception that the Purification makes an area amenable to them and Corruption makes it difficult for them to enter. Naga do not reduce their Charisma attribute while trying to make a positive impression, but still gain the Intimidate skill at +2 when angered. According to myth they weren’t horrific (quite the opposite in fact).

Unnamed Naga
Attributes: Bod 6, Chi 0 (Mag 8), Mnd 8, Ref 8.
Skills: Creature Powers 10, Info/Buddhism 9, Martial Arts 10, Sorcery 10.
Schticks: [Creature Powers] Amphibian, Flight, Transformation (human form), [Sorcery] Weather.
Weapons: punch (7), tail lash (8), sword (10).

Creating a named Naga (for PC use or as a GMC)

The following notes are suggestions and tweaks of the Supernatural Creature archetype if anyone wants to play a Naga.

Juncture and Healing Limitation (unchanged)

Attributes: They only way to truly simulate a Naga of legend is to add the 5pt bonus to Mnd, the 3pt bonus to Ref, and the 1pt bonus to Bod. This means that the Naga would have the following attributes: Bod 6, Chi 0 (Mag=8), Mnd 8, Ref 8.

Skills: The skills require several changes. I recommend the following: The modified attributes above are already factored into the results. Creature Powers +2 (=10) reduced due to fact that their natural powers don’t really need this skill to make any rolls.
Martial Arts + 4 (12) [Max 13]
Sorcery +5 (=13)

Add 3 Skill Bonuses. The most appropriate extra skills are Info/Buddhism, and Medicine.

Schticks: Naga are restricted in their starting schticks to the following: Note that rather than starting with 5 Creature schticks they start with 3 Creature schticks and 1 Magic schtick.

(Creature Powers) Amphibian, Flight, Transformation (Human)

(Magic Schticks) Weather

Wealth level: rich.

Advancement notes: For those playing Naga, the following areas and schticks are those most likely to be developed by a Naga with experience: The Fu Path of the Tightening Coils, Magic schticks Fertility and Heal, Creature Powers Abysmal Spines (for their horns), Armor (for their scales), and Regeneration.


An small but deadly venomous serpent that is so poisnous that even its gaze is deadly; its touch and bite are progressively worse. Its breath and touch scorch plants and rocks, and its hisses can set people on fire. Their own reflection is deadly.


Frogs, salamanders, ...