The Path of the Beaten Dog

From The Jade Agenda site

Puppy Yell

Roll Over

Seize the Twin Pearls

Dog Paw

Meek Stance

This Path is serious... honest! It is meant to simulate the antics of the infamous Dog Boxing and Monkey styles.

Puppy Yell Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 0

When attacked by an opponent, shout and cry in the most pitiful manner and make a Charisma check against that opponent’s Willpower attribute: if successful, that opponent loses one Fu point or one shot from those available to her this sequence, your choice.
Prerequisite: none Path: Roll Over
Roll Over Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 3

Choose an opponent. Your next attack action made this sequence against that opponent can’t be actively Dodged.
Prerequisite: Puppy Yell Path: Seize the Twin Pearls
Seize the Twin Pearls Chi Cost: 4 Shot Cost: 3

Make a Martial Arts attack against an opponent with a –2 AV penalty; if successful, your opponent takes two Impairment points in addition to damage dealt, and if your Chi is higher than hers, any damage or Impairment-reducing schtick this opponent may have is ignored.
Prerequisite: Roll Over Path: Dog Paw
Dog Paw Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 3

Make a seemingly stupid Martial Arts attack. If successful, you deal no damage, but make a Charisma check against your opponent’s Willpower; for each point of Outcome, you get a +2 AV bonus to your next Martial Arts attack against him.
Prerequisite: Seize the Twin Pearls Path: Meek Stance
Meek Stance Chi Cost: X + 1 Shot Cost: 0

After being succesfully attacked by an opponent, that opponent can’t attack you again for the next X + 3 shots or until you attack him succesfully, whatever comes first.
Prerequisite: Dog Paw