Path of the Dragon’s Breath

By Max Rible

Dragons are known to have a variety of interesting ways to use their breath attacks. This isn’t done through pure Creature Powers, nor is it necessary that they have mastered the draconic archmagic in order to use it.

Focused Flame

Flaming Pass

Flame Parry

Flame Burst

Flame Flower

Bright Flame

Flaming Charge

Focused Flame Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 3

Adds +2 to damage to a breath weapon attack by concentrating your draconic energy. (Based on Bite of the Dragon.)
Prerequisite: none Path: Bright Flame, Flaming Pass

Flaming Pass Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 3

Breathe fire at X named or unnamed opponents connected by a simple arc of length of up to 3×X meters. (Based on Awesome Downpour.)
Prerequisite: Focused Flame Path: Flame Parry
Flame Parry Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 1

As a defensive action, use your flaming breath to block an incoming projectile or single-target spell, parrying with your Creature Powers AV + 5. (Based on Fox’s Retreat.)
Prerequisite: Flaming Pass Path: Flame Burst
Flame Burst Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 3

Fill a small volume with flame, sending it around obstacles and making it generally difficult to dodge, giving you a +3 AV on this attack. (Based on Breath of the Dragon.)
Prerequisite: Flame Parry Path: Flame Flower
Flame Flower Chi Cost: 8 Shot Cost: 5

Produces an area effect fire attack. Your defensive AV drops by 2 for the duration of the 5 shots.
Prerequisite: Flame Burst, Flaming Charge Path: none

Bright Flame Chi Cost: 1 Shot Cost: 3

The brilliant light of the flame dazzles your opponent, negating any active Dodge. (Based on Hands Without Shadow.)
Prerequisite: none Path: Flaming Charge
Flaming Charge Chi Cost: 4 Shot Cost: 4

Fly or charge straight at your opponent for at least 4 shots, building up your energy to hit them with a powerful jet of fire. On the fourth or later shot (you may continue to charge if the opponent is running away), you may make your Creature Powers attack roll and breathe on the enemy, adding your base Move (before factoring in any Really Big schticks you possess) to your damage. You still have the momentum to barrel into them with your Abysmal Spines (or other physical attacks) and bring in a new attack on the next shot. (The total shot cost for the two attacks is still going to be 7, but the damage occurs on shots 4 and 5 instead of 1 and 5.)
Prerequisite: Bright Flame Path: Flame Flower