The Path of the Dragon’s Tail

From The Jade Agenda site

Searing Kick

Lightning Kick

Double Tail

Step of the Dragon

Crush of the Dragon

Tempest Wave

Searing Kick Chi Cost: 1 Shot Cost: 3

Make a kick attack against one opponent. If successful, opponent suffers 1 Wound Point (in addition to normal damage) that can’t be reduced by Toughness unless he is somehow immune to fire damage.
Prerequisite: none Path: Lightning Kick
Lightning Kick Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 4

Make a flying kick attack. If successful, base damage is your Strength + Movement. Note that “flying kick” is literal here; you may rise in the air a number of meters equal to your Move.
Prerequisite: Searing Kick Path: Double Tail
Double Tail Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 4

Make a Martial Arts attack against one opponent. If successful, you hit your opponent with two simultaneous kicks. Damage from this attack is reduced separately for each kick, and you may add the Outcome only once.
Prerequisite: Lightning Kick Path: Step of the Dragon, Tempest Wave
Tempest Wave Chi Cost: 3 + X Shot Cost: X

Make X kick attacks against one opponent. You can't make active Dodges until your next Shot number comes up.
Prerequisite: Double Tail
Step of the Dragon Chi Cost: 6 Shot Cost: 3

By kicking the ground you can create a seismic shockwave to attack from a distance. Everyone in a radius of your Chi in meters and standing on the same solid surface than you is attacked, friend or foe. Make a Martial Arts check and compare your Action Result with everybody’s DV; those affected are knocked down and stunned (i.e., lose a number of shots equal to the Outcome you obtained against them). Lots of broken windows, too (by the way, I wouldn’t advice using this Fu on a glass roof).
Prerequisite: Double Tail Path: Crush of the Dragon
Crush of the Dragon Chi Cost: 5 Shot Cost: 3

As in the Step of the Dragon, but you attack only one foe and in addition to being knocked down and stunned if successful she receives damage as per a normal kick attack.
Prerequisite: Step of the Dragon