The Path of the Dragon’s Veins

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Wind Gathering

Principle of Wood

Butterfly Palm

Wind Blow

Wise Breathing

Watch the River

Dragon Pearl

Wind Gathering Chi Cost: Special Shot Cost: 2 + X

Add 1 Chi point to your points available this sequence for each additional shot you spend when activating this schtick. While you are using this Fu you can’t make active Dodges. Your Chi rating is not affected in any way, just your points available for spending. Chi points gained and not spent before end of sequence are lost.
Prerequisite: none Path: Principle of Wood
Principle of Wood Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 1

A Sorcery or Arcanowave effect that has you as target checks against a Difficulty of your Martial Arts AV+5. Counts as a defensive action.
Prerequisite: Wind Gathering Path: Butterfly Palm
Butterfly Palm Chi Cost: 4 Shot Cost: 3

Strike barehanded one opponent; if successful, and opponent is attuned to a Feng Shui site, make a Chi check against her Chi rating in addition to damage. If check is positive, opponent is instantly de-attuned and suffers 2 Impairment points until end of sequence.
Prerequisite: Principle of Wood Path: Wind Blow
Wind Blow Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 3

Strike an opponent barehanded: if successful, base damage is your Chi + 2 and opponent is thrown back the Outcome in meters. She must spend 1 shot getting up, if not thrown off a ledge or something equally painful and lethal.
Prerequisite: Butterfly Palm Path: Wise Breathing, Dragon Pearl
Dragon Pearl Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 5

Form a ball of coruscating Chi energy on your palms that can be thrown with your Martial Arts AV at an opponent. Base damage of attack is two times X, and range is your Chi × 2 meters. Damage is reduced by 1 point per meter between you and target.
Prerequisite: Wind Blow
Wise Breathing Chi Cost: 2X Shot Cost: 1

Add X to one of your Body secondary Attributes. Lasts until end of sequence.
Prerequisite: Wind Blow Path: Watch the River
Watch the River Chi Cost: 6 Shot Cost: 3

One chosen opponent can’t make active Dodges against your next Martial Arts attack and damage from this attack can’t be reduced with Toughness or Armor. Opponents somehow inmune to Fu powers or Martial Arts attacks would be affected by the attack, but you must first succeed at a Chi check with a Difficulty of opponent’s Chi. This Fu is canceled if you don’t attack that opponent as your next action after this Fu has been activated.
Prerequisite: Wise Breathing