Path of the Immutable Clay

Adapted by Max Rible

Prune the Crooked Branch

Spring of the Willow

Purity of Essence

Unexpected Harvest

Return to Purity

“The tree bends with the wind, but grows straight and tall.”

This is the version for a world with warping instead of arcanowave devices.
Prune the Crooked Branch Chi Cost: 1 Shot Cost: 3

Make a barehanded strike against a being experiencing warping or capable of causing warping (such as most undead). If your Martial Arts check succeeds, add the being’s short-term warping total to the Outcome. For beings that cause warping, use their Magic rating in place of the short-term warping total.
Prerequisite: none Path: Spring of the Willow
Spring of the Willow Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 1

When you gain warping points, spend Chi equal to your short-term total, X. You may then add X to your Action Value for the next action you take. This does not actually discharge any warping points.
Prerequisite: Prune the Crooked Branch Path: Purity of Essence
Purity of Essence Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 8

Lay hands upon an individual (including yourself) suffering from short-term warping— either in combat, or in the throes of transition after combat. Make a Martial Arts check equal to the target’s short-term warping total. If you succeed, their total of short-term warping points is reduced to 0. If you fail, they are unchanged, and you gain a number of short-term warping points equal to their total.
Prerequisite: Spring of the Willow Path: Unexpected Harvest
Unexpected Harvest Chi Cost: 0 Shot Cost: 0

If you have just successfully completed a use of the Purity of Essence power, you can convert the short-term warping points removed into a one-time store of Chi energy. Make a Martial Arts check with the same difficulty as the Purity of Essence check. If you succeed, gain an amount of Chi equal the number of short-term points dissipated. These points last until spent, and do not affect your actual Chi or Fu stats.
Prerequisite: Purity of Essence Path: Return to Purity
Return to Purity Chi Cost: 8 Shot Cost: 15

Remove the effects of a warping from a willing subject. Take the number of warping points appropriate to their strongest change; this is the Difficulty for a Martial Arts check. If successful, the subject is cured of that warping. If you fail, the subject is unchanged, and you gain a number of short-term warping points equal to the Difficulty of the check.
Prerequisite: Unexpected Harvest