The Path of the Iron Shirt

Inspired by Louis Cha’s The Deer & the Cauldron

Brass Man Stance

Iron Grip

Gate Guardian Stance

Temple Bell Protection

Some masters of chi learn to strengthen themselves against blows. Legend has it that the inventors of the Path of the Storm Turtle and the Path of the Iron Shirt were trained by the same master.
Brass Man Stance Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 1

As a defensive action, drop your defensive AV by 2 and increase Armor against this one attack by 6 points.
Prerequisite: none Path: Iron Grip
Iron Grip Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 1

As a defensive action, roll Martial Arts against the AR of a person attacking you. If you succeed, you wrest their weapon away from them without taking any damage— the process can involve such dangerous actions as catching the sharpened edge of a sword on the palm of your hand. If you fail your roll, you take damage even if the AR wasn’t enough to hit you in the first place.
Prerequisite: Brass Man Stance Path: Gate Guardian Stance
Gate Guardian Stance Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 0

If someone strikes you with a bare limb and you take no damage from the blow, you can spend 2 chi, and they must take damage equal to their Strength stat plus your Fu stat, resisted by their Toughness plus their Fu stat. (Unnamed characters who would take at least 1 point of damage from this bounce off and are bowled for 3 shots; if they take at least 5 points of damage, they’re incapacitated from the pain of a broken hand.)
Prerequisite: Iron Grip Path: Temple Bell Protection
Temple Bell Protection Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 1

Your Armor value increases by 4 for the duration of the shot in which you spend the chi.
Prerequisite: Gate Guardian Stance Path: none