The Path of the Perfect Shell

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Turtle Stance

Stone Ox

Lead Belly

Four Seasons

Iron Mantle

Turtle Stance Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 1

You may ignore all damage from an unarmed attack that hits you. You must declare that you are using this Fu before attack is rolled. Counts as a defensive action.
Prerequisite: none Path: Stone Ox
Stone Ox Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 0

As a continuous action, you may ignore any Impairment caused by Wound points or any source of pain. Lasts until end of sequence or until you stop doing this continuous action.
Prerequisite: Turtle Stance Path: Lead Belly
Lead Belly Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 0

Gain X Armor points for this shot. Maximum Armor rating that can be achieved through any combination of schticks is 8.
Prerequisite: Stone Ox Path: Four Seasons
Four Seasons Chi Cost: 6 Shot Cost: 0

Base damage from cold, fire, heat and lightning is reduced to a half until end of sequence. This includes any magical or Fu version of the above.
Prerequisite: Lead Belly Path: Iron Mantle
Iron Mantle Chi Cost: 8 Shot Cost: 3

While this Fu is active you may take a defensive action to ignore all damage from an incoming Martial Arts attack. Lasts until end of sequence.
Prerequisite: Four Seasons