Path of the Playful Rhythm

By Evan James

Flying Dodge

Jumping Stance

Tornado Kick

Satellite Sweep

Entering Heaven

Whirlwind Strike

Storm Dance

The Path of the Playful Rhythm is based on the Brazilian art form known as Capoeira. It consists largely of broad, sweeping kicks that could come from nearly any angle. Cartwheels, flips, and handstands all come naturally to a Capoeira master. Any character involved in this path will likely want to carry around a boom box featuring the best of the rocking dance beats to fight along to. Inspiration for this comes largely from the movie Only the Strong, which I highly recommend you rent if this Path piques your interest. Or you could just go to an arcade, find the game “Tekken 3,” and play the character of Eddy Gordo for a few rounds. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Flying Dodge Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 1

Execute a back flip or cartwheel to make you difficult to hit. Gain +5 to your Dodge (as a defensive action) or to attempt to break any kind of hold. Use this power at –1 Chi cost if there is a snappy dance rhythm playing within earshot.

Prerequisite: none Path: Jumping Stance
Jumping Stance Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 1

For the duration of the sequence, you perform a series of quick and rhythmic dance steps. If you successfully damage an opponent with a Martial Arts attack, the shot cost to make your next Martial Arts attack against that opponent is reduced by 1, provided that attack is during the same sequence.

Prerequisite: Flying Dodge Path: Tornado Kick, Whirlwind Strike
Tornado Kick Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 3

Make a wild Martial Arts kick attack; opponent suffers normal Damage as well as X Impairment for a number of shots equal to your Outcome. X has a maximum equal to the number of schticks you have in this path. If dance music is playing within ear shot, X has no maximum.

Prerequisite: Jumping Stance Path: Satellite Sweep
Satellite Sweep Chi Cost: 5 Shot Cost: 3

Using a single Martial Arts check, make two kick attacks. They can both be against the same target or against two targets provided that the two targets are both within kicking range of each other. Each attack deals Damage separately. This attack does not suffer from normal penalties for attacking multiple opponents. If dance music is playing within ear shot, opponent(s) suffer +3 Damage per leg.

Prerequisite: Tornado Kick Path: Entering Heaven, Storm Dance
Entering Heaven Chi Cost: 6 Shot Cost: 3

Leap towards your opponent with a powerful Martial Arts kick attack; damage value for the strike is equal to your Martial Arts Action Value. If dance music is playing within earshot, opponent is knocked down and loses a number of shots equal to your Outcome.

Prerequisite: Satellite Sweep

Whirlwind Strike Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 0

If you actively Dodge in hand-to-hand combat and the opponent misses, you may respond with an immediate Martial Arts attack. This attack has no effect on your current shot. If dance music is playing within ear shot, add the amount the opponent missed by to your AV for the attack.

Prerequisite: Jumping Stance Path: Storm Dance
Storm Dance Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 0

If dance music is playing within ear shot, add X to the result of an Initiative roll.

Prerequisite: Satellite Sweep, Whirlwind Strike