The Path of the Seven Stars

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Vine Block

Needle Finger

Slow Blood

Dam the Flow

Storm Within

Blade Palm

Note: all damage and penalties from these schticks may be completely healed and canceled by the Flow Restoration schtick (one each time), except for the Vine Block Impairment and Blade Palm damage. Also, those are the only schticks from this Path that can affect non-living beings (Cyborgs and all Supernatural Creatures are “non living”).
Vine Block Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 1

If unsuccessfully attacked hand to hand by an opponent, you may use this schtick to to give him 1 Impairment point until end of sequence or until you attack anybody else. Counts as a defensive action.
Prerequisite: none (or Flow Restoration, GM’s choice) Path: Needle Finger
Needle Finger Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 3

Make a barehanded Martial Arts attack. If successful, don’t add Outcome to base damage, instead Outcome becomes automatically Wound points. You still deal your base damage, and it can be reduced as usual.
Prerequisite: Vine Block Path: Slow Blood
Slow Blood Chi Cost: 4 Shot Cost: 3

Make a barehanded Martial Arts attack against an opponent. If successful, and if you beat her Chi attribute on a Chi check, one of her secondary attributes is reduced by 1 for every two points of Outcome (from the attack) until end of sequence. Note: reduced Speed recovers after next sequence’s Initiative roll. Fortune is not an eligible attribute! Attacks aimed for funky effects (like inducing amnesia, etc) may be attempted, but the special effect Difficulty must be bested with the original roll to strike, is GM assigned, and shouldn’t be lower than 18.
Prerequisite: Needle Finger Path: Dam the Flow, Blade Palm
Blade Palm Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 0

Add X to damage dealt by one barehanded Martial Arts attack that just hit.
Prerequisite: Slow Blood Path: Storm Within
Dam the Flow Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 3

Strike an opponent with a barehanded Martial Arts attack. If successful you deal no damage, but you may prevent her from using (or cancel) one Fu or Transformed Animal schtick you know your opponent has if Outcome has been equal or larger than that Fu’s Chi cost or your opponent’s Chi attribute if she chooses to take a defensive action. Default for Fu schticks with X cost is the opponent’s current Chi points available, or the amount spent on that schtick if it is currently active. The opponent recovers the lost schtick at the beginning of the next sequence.
Prerequisite: Slow Blood Path: Storm Within
Storm Within Chi Cost: 8 Shot Cost: 5

Strike fast three vital points of your enemy to synergistically produce a lethal vibration. You make three barehanded Martial Arts checks: if all succeed, your opponent will take your Chi rating as Wound Points each shot for as many shots as the Outcome from the last attack (minimum of 1 shot). Unnamed characters hit with this schtick die automatically (and messily). Another school calls this Fu the Death Touch, and perform it as a 3-shot, single attack at –3 AV, but the effects are the same.
Prerequisite: Dam the Flow, Blade Palm