The Path of the Third Eye

By Igle, from The Jade Agenda site

Disturbance on the Pool

Inner Radiance

Mind Like Moon

Trial of Spirits

Eye Opening

Disturbance on the Pool Chi Cost: 1 Shot Cost: 1

Your perceptions are greatly expanded. Within an area around you of Chi × 5 meters radius you ignore penalties from darkness, blindness, etc. and can detect sentient beings and their emotional state. Lasts until end of sequence.
Prerequisite: None Path: Inner Radiance
Inner Radiance Chi Cost: 4 Shot Cost: 3

The strength of your spirit impresses your opponents. Opponents within a radius around you of your Chi in meters receive a –2 AV penalty when attacking you if their Chi rating is lower than yours. It works great for Intimidation and Leadership, too. Lasts until end of sequence.
Prerequisite: Disturbance on the Pool Path: Mind Like Moon
Mind Like Moon Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 0

Feel aggressive intentions on beings around you (you don’t have to know they’re there, and so it works against surprise attacks). You may add X to your DV for any attacks made on you by opponents within range (your Chi in meters). This bonus applies to all attacks made against you during the shot. Better yet, you may ignore penalties to your DV from being surprised, blinded, etc. while using this Fu.
Prerequisite: Inner Radiance Path: Trial of Spirits
Trial of Spirits Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 4

Test your opponent’s inner strength with a will contest. Make a Chi check against your opponent’s Chi or Willpower rating, whichever is higher. Opponent automatically loses one shot and, if successful, takes Wound points equal to the Outcome and gets one Impairment point until end of sequence. If you fail the check, you get one Impairment point.
Prerequisite: Mind like Moon Path: Eye Opening
Eye Opening Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 1

For the rest of the sequence you may use any Fu schtick on this Path without paying their Chi cost (X costs must still be paid).
Prerequisite: Trial of Spirits Path: None