The Path of the Walk of Clouds

Suggested by Paulino; from The Jade Agenda site

Spring of the Deer

Like Wind


Wise Flight

Cloud Step

Empty Body

Road of Clouds

Spring of the Deer Chi Cost: 1 Shot Cost: 1

Until end of sequence your running speed becomes your Move × 4, and you may move up to five times your Move attribute (six times if you aren’t in combat).
Prerequisite: none Path: Road of Clouds, Like Wind, Cloud Step
Road of Clouds Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 1

The limit of three times your Move in meters per sequence is suspended; you may walk or run this sequence as many times as your shots allow you. Counts as a continuous action. This Fu may be combined with the Spring of the Deer; just ignore Movement limitations.
Prerequisite: Spring of the Deer
Like Wind Chi Cost: 4 Shot Cost: 1

As a continuous action, gain a +3 bonus to your DV. Lasts until end of sequence. If you take a defensive action, this Fu is canceled.
Prerequisite: Spring of the Deer Path: Alacrity
Cloud Step Chi Cost: X + 1 Shot Cost: 3

Add X to your Martial Arts roll when trying to walk on unstable surfaces (liquids and bullet bursts included), and to your Intrusion rolls when trying to walk silently or leave no tracks. Counts as a continuous action and lasts until the beginning of next sequence.
Prerequisite: Spring of the Deer Path: Empty Body
Alacrity Chi Cost: 2X Shot Cost: 0

Add X+1 to your Initiative just before rolling it at the beginning of the sequence. If you do so, your first action must be a Martial Arts attack. You can’t “spend” 0 Chi to gain a +1.
Prerequisite: Like Wind Path: Wise Flight
Empty Body Chi Cost: 6 Shot Cost: 3

You become so light that you may jump a number of meters equal to the Action Result of a Martial Arts check, walk up and down in the air as if it were solid ground (no running, though), and reduce damage from falls by adding the Action Result of a Martial Arts check to your Toughness. Lasts until the beginning of the next sequence.
Prerequisite: Cloud Step Path: Wise Flight
Wise Flight Chi Cost: 4 Shot Cost: 1

The best way to avoid an attack is not being there. As a defensive action, avoid all attacks made against you this shot by instantly moving to any location you could normally reach within a radius of your Move attribute in meters. You will be hit anyway if damage is produced by an area attack with a radius larger than your Move attribute.
Prerequisite: Empty Body, Alacrity