The Path of the Weeping Willow

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Willow Stance

Flailing Branches

Wind Through the Leaves

Sticky Branches

Bent Branches

Willow Stance Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 1

Add 1 to your Martial Arts DV against hand-to-hand attacks until end of sequence.
Prerequisite: none Path: Bent Branches, Flailing Branches
Bent Branches Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 0

Make a Martial Arts Attack that can’t be actively Dodged against an opponent that has attacked you unsuccessfully this shot hand-to-hand. Use that opponent's Strength attribute as your own for this attack. This has no effect on your current shot.
Prerequisite: Willow Stance Path: Sticky Branches
Flailing Branches Chi Cost: 1 Shot Cost: 3

If blinded, in the dark, or fighting an invisible opponent, make a Martial Arts task check (Difficulty is your opponent’s DV); if successful, you suffer no penalties to your hand-to-hand Martial Arts AV against that opponent this sequence for those reasons.
Prerequisite: Willow Stance Path: Wind Through the Leaves
Wind through the Leaves Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: Special (0)

You may use your Fu attribute instead of your Perception for noticing ambushes and unexpected attacks. If successful, add the Outcome to your Active Dodge value against the first attack from such sources. Fu cost is subtracted from your available Fu points at the beginning of first sequence of combat.
Prerequisite: Flailing Branches Path: Sticky Branches
Sticky Branches Chi Cost: 5 Shot Cost: 3

Strike an opponent with a barehanded Martial Arts attack. If successful, you deal no damage; instead, your opponent subtracts the Outcome from her AV and Dodge values when fighting against you until end of sequence, or you attack anybody else, or you do an active Defense, whichever comes first. Sticky Branches may not be used twice on the same opponent in the same sequence.
Prerequisite: Wind through the Leaves, Bent Branches