Priests only. An invocation of divine power. Depending on your deity, it can create artificial forms of luck or unluck, bestow or lift curses or geasa. Druids have access to Blessing, but it operates very differently, since there is no conscious deity to watch over the target; instead, they can mark a person for friendship or enmity with the forces of nature.

Blessing Special Effects

Luck. Roll against a Difficulty based on how important this activity is to your deity. (0 for direct service on a quest of utmost importance, 9 for actions aligned with the deity’s cause, 15 for neutral activity.) Every three points of Outcome translates to a Fortune die that can be rolled after an Outcome has already been determined, when it looks like it will make an important difference. The gamemaster determines this, though players may say, “That blessing would sure come in handy now!” as a suggestion. Unluck creates a Fortune die that works against them when they’re doing well... or a failure would be really disastrous. The blessing lasts for one particular activity (a battle, a journey). If the character is doing well, it may go unused (they don’t need help!).

A priest may also give a +1 to the combat AV’s of a number of allies equal to their Attunement by staying in one place and praying continuously. They may perform no other activity than passive Dodges.

Calm. Roll against the default Willpower of the crowd and affect Outcome2 unnamed targets. Named targets roll Willpower against your Action Result and cannot take an offensive action for a number of shots equal to the absolute value of the Outcome if the Outcome is negative.

Incite. This can start riots, berserking... similar to Calm but makes people attack.

Guidance. Spend an Attunement point and roll against the target’s Chi (if unwilling). This can create temporary effects.
6 Help a lost child find their way home. Send someone to the bad part of town.
9 Make a field or animal especially fertile for a year. Cause a calf to be born with three legs.
12 Aid a woman in having a safe birth, or help someone recover from a fever. Cause a person to have a dangerous accident or contract an unpleasant disease.
15 Guide a person safely through a dangerous place. Place a person in a life-threatening situation.
18 Bring a family health and luck in all that they do for the next year. Visit plague upon a family.
21 Cause someone at death’s door to recover from an injury or illness. Cause a person’s death in a mysterious accident.

Fate. Spend a permanent Attunement point and roll against the target’s Chi (if unwilling). This can create permanent blessings and curses.

Witness. Spend an Attunement point and roll; this is a Blessing that supports an oath witnessed, a curse that will befall the oathbreaker, or both, depending on your deity.