Priests can use this sphere to get guidance from their deity, in addition to the normal effects. The special effects for priests and wizards may vary for these.

Haruspication— divination through entrail reading— is popular with necromancers. The more powerful and sentient a creature that perishes to give a divination, the more accurate, detailed, or significant the reading.

Divination Special Effects

Speak with dead. A spellcaster using Unlife or Necros can contact the realm of the dead, even after they have passed on to other realms, unless said realms are defended by deities who prefer that such contact is not possible. If someone is not defended that way, anyone can use summoning to bring back their shade.

Warning. (T3.) If the sorcerer using Warning also knows the Blast schtick, she can combine the two effects to create a mystical booby-trap. If an unknowing intruder triggers the warning, count his negative Outcome as positive, and use it to calculate the effect of a normal Blast. If someone enters the area knowing there is a trap there, use the active Dodge as the difficulty and your Action Value to attack. If an area effect is used, targets get to use the defense of the person who triggered the trap, or their own, whichever is better. A ward has a number of charges equal to the number of Magic points sacrificed to it when it is created; once this number is up, the ward no longer functions. If the blast effect in itself costs Magic points, such as a fireball, then those must be paid for each charge, and all at the same time. If the ward is created at a Feng Shui site, it can draw any number of charges from the site.

Variant wards can be created, that have different effects, even benevolent ones. Thus you can create an altar that heals worshipers or a divan that seduces those who rest upon it.

Analyze Curse. Curses always have a condition for lifting them.

Medium. (TotL.) This allows you to open yourself up to spirits, ghosts, and lurking demons either hidden in this world, the underworld, or other afterlife realms. Others can then ask the spirit questions. The spirit speaks through you, either using your voice or some oracular means such as Tarot cards or an Ouija board. During the process you are cut off from yoru body and cannot do anything. However, you have a vague sense of your surroundings and can reclaim control at any time (takes 3 shots and ends the effect). Difficulty is 10 for spirits hidden in this world, 15 for spirits in another. You cannot force a spirit to talk with you; they must be a willing participant. On a backlash, your body becomes possessed by a demon or hungry ghost. This usually lasts for a single scene, but sometimes will require exorcism.

Revelation. Identify illusions as false and divine the true forms of changed things.

Prediction. Gain cryptic insight into the patterns of fate. (On some islands, a more powerful effect allows you to effectively continue the adventure, then pick a point to rewind things to before everything went wrong, indicating the different choices made by the characters based on the results of the divination. This is stolen from the game Bushido.)

Block Scrying. You can interfere with the attempts of others to scry upon you.

Location. If you have a connection to something else, you can track it on a map or with a pointer.

Divination II

Divination II Special Effects

Next door5
Same city15
Same county18
Same island21

Remote Viewing. (TotL.) Allows you to see far-off places. This typically involves staring into a reflective pool, crystal ball, mirror, blazing fire, or some similar focus. You can look in on people, places, or things that you know. The difficulty depends on the distance between you and the target.

This effect has two different versions. The first version gives you a remote view of your target, as if you were standing about 10m away. The second lets you look through the target’s eyes or hear through their ears. Remote Viewing lasts a number of sequences equal to your Outcome; spending a Magic Point increases that to hours.

Psychometry. Learn about the history of an item...

Communion. You attune yourself to your chosen force, and gain insight from its gestalt. (Commune with your deity, nature, the elements, chaos, unlife, ...)

Contact. Permits sending messages between prepared locations such as temple sanctuaries, druid groves, bone circles, and so on.

Divination III

Divination III Special Effects

Tweak Fate. This is as close as wizards can get to Blessing, and it takes a lot more ritual and effort than for priests. By sharping Tarot cards, using loaded dice, painting powerful runes, or otherwise meddling with the patterns of fate, wizards can create dooms and meddle in the currents of causality. Botches can be hideous, and the gods often take exception to such meddling.

Confound auspices. A ritual activity that can disrupt all divinations about a given topic or place, including any you yourself might make.