The Elements

Wizards only. There is one schtick for each element: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Elemental Special Effects

Blast. A simple Blast schtick corresponding to the element: flame, wind, high-pressure water, sandblasting. Combat elementalists often take the Blast sphere in order to fill out their repertoire of different elements.

Shape. The element in its pure and alloyed form can be shaped: fire and clouds can be made to curl into dynamic images, stone, metal, and ice can be shaped. Simple creations like clubs and swords are difficulty 5, complex creations like tumbler locks a 10, finely detailed creations a 15. Most devices can be repaired just like Healing, assuming you have the right spheres for them.

Organic materials may be affected if you are channeling the power of Ecos with Summoning II and have all four elements at your command— living or dead wood can usually be managed, though only dangerously insane wizards have learned the secrets of shaping living flesh. (Those channeling Necros can shape unliving flesh, though they cannot shape living wood.)

Repair. Broken and strained materials may be fixed, as an advanced version of Shaping.

Terrain effects. Terrain can be made into an excellent walking or riding surface, allowing a group to travel over muddy or broken territory as if it were smooth; choppy waters can be calmed, and ice can be created for a party to skate on. Alternatively, the reverse can be applied to make trouble for others, dropping sleet on the ground, breaking up terrain, strewing rocks so as to twist ankles, and so on. Air can be used to affect the weather, much like the priestly Weather sphere though at +3 to difficulty, if you wield the power of Ecos.

Conjuration. Of simple, uniform, nonprecious matter. Fire can be used to heat or cool substances.

Purification. The caster can call on the essence of a substance to exclude impurities, purifying drinking water, de-salting earth, and excluding poison gas from a room.

Transformation. A wizard possessing the Air and Water spheres can provide a water breathing effect at AV 8, +1 for each additional person who remains within their Magic rating in meters, by maintaining a continuous action for concentration. Alternatively, spending a Magic point on the effect will make it last a number of hours equal to their Magic rating without concentration and allow them to roam freely. Free action works similarly, but requires AV 12, +2 for each additional person, and spending a magic point only covers people for your Magic rating in minutes. The free action effect even keeps your clothes dry.

Resistance. Any element may be used to ward against itself or its opposite. This effect lasts a number of minutes equal to the Outcome of the spell, and reduces damage by the caster’s Magic. Spending a Magic point will allow warding a number of people equal to the caster’s Magic for a day— this effect can be used with mixed spheres, so an elementalist can ward against weather as well as a weather priest.

Analysis. Any element may be used to analyze inorganic substances. Earth can analyze stress patterns in a structure, Air can make short-term weather prediction (based on extant factors, not actual divination), Fire can detect combustability, Water can be used for dowsing. Channeling Nature will permit the study of organic properties as well. Air can pierce veils of cloud, smoke, and fog.

Mutation. Essential elemental qualities can be imposed on other elements— stone can be rendered liquid without heating it using Earth and Water magics, air can be rendered solid with Earth and Air. Making warm ice with Water and Fire or Earth and Water is much easier than making solid air or liquid earth.

Flame of Truth. (T3.) Requires Influence. Fire is one of the primal fears, and has great applications in interrogation and intimidation. One of the more common uses is in the effect known as Flame of Truth. An open flame is placed in the subjects open hand. As long as he continues to speak truthfully, the flames do not hurt him, but if he hesitates or lies, the flames flare up. Use environmental difficulties to invoke the flame, it lasts a minute per point of Outcome. The subject of this spell must make an Intimidation, Willpower or Deceit roll against your Sorcery attribute, or answer in accordance with your wishes. If you want the truth, you get the truth. If you want toadying and half truths, or even outright lies, that is what you get. He will reveal more if he blows the roll badly. If he makes the roll, he will speak according to his own heart and the skill rolled. The version for Earth is more like the Sword of Damocles.

Whispering Winds. A magical breeze can carry a sound from the caster’s lips to another’s ear, and can permit similar eavesdropping.

Silent Steel. By enhancing the solidity of metal, an elementalist can use Earth magic to damp out the vibrations of metal on metal and make warriors in even full plate mail silent.

Natural Camouflage. Conjuring local earth onto a party to make them blend in with the landscape is an exercise requiring little power and moderate finesse.