Priests only. As the standard schtick. Special effects vary: priests of a god of fire might burn wounds away dramatically, leaving new flesh in the wake of the flame.

Healing Special Effects

Cure Diseases. Remove an illness. Colds are difficulty 6, pneumonia an 8, bubonic plague a 12, cancer a 15.

Heal Wounds. (T3.) Make a Theurgy task check and subtract the Action Result from a wounded person’s total Wound Points. This may not be performed during a fight or other ongoing injury-inducing crisis. In a Backlash, the sorcerer suffers a number of Wound Points equal to the patient’s current total. This is not cumulative with any previous damage, so if the healer is already more seriously injured himself, nothing happens. See p. 158 of the Fighting section for general rules on Medical Assistance. Depending on the priest’s magic tradition, this effect might work on animals and even significant inanimate objects as well.

Stabilize. You can stabilize the dying, saving a character who has failed a Death Check. A backlash forces the sorcerer to make a Death Check against a difficulty equal to the difficulty of the Stabilize test.

Poison Antidotes. Formulate potions to neutralize the effect of toxins in the body, before they take effect. Difficulty is the Damage Value of the poison. If the Sorcery check exceeds the Difficulty, the poison is negated. Poison rules can be found under the Creature Power Poison. This effect also works against the lingering effects of the supernatural creature schtick Corruption. In this case, Difficulty is the Creature Powers Action Value of the creature that did the corrupting.

Healing II

Priests only. As the standard schtick.

Healing II Special Effects

Remove aging. Spend a permanent Attunement point for your original Attunement score in years of age removed. Difficulty is the caster’s actual age divided by their Attunement.

Rehealing. The effects of badly healed wounds can be repaired. Scars can be erased, broken bones straightened.

Mindhealing. (with Influence) A person with a serious psychological problem can be helped to confront it. With a really studly roll, you can even do so in the midst of battle, which can lead to anything from converts to sobbing wrecks to sudden new master villains.

Metabolic Adjustment. A person can be placed into a deathlike trance, given an artificial fever to fake illness or kill off bacteria, or be given some help in dealing with an addiction.

Reattachment. Severed body parts can be restored if rot is not too far advanced. Requires spending an Attunement point, or more if some rot has set in.

Healing circle. Have people join hands in a circle; spend an Attunement point and roll, and everyone gets the result of the Healing effect. Affects a maximum number of people equal to your permanent Attunement rating.

Healing III

Priests only. As the standard schtick.

Healing III Special Effects

Regeneration. Completely missing body parts can be restored. Requires spending multiple Attunement points depending on the size.

Battlefield resurrection. Someone dead for fewer minutes than their Constitution can be brought back. Requires spending a number of Attunement points equal to the number of minutes since death, rounded up.

Resurrection quest. With Summoning III, you can send a group of people to retrieve the soul of someone who has passed on, a very dangerous activity that may involved battling the person who has moved on and any new friends. The resurrected person may be changed by their experience, or they may have only vague memories of being dead. Requires an impressive ritual.

Reweaving. Restore a being to physical perfection and youth. Requires massive rituals, expenditure of permanent Attunement points, all sorts of odd things depending on which island.

Healing circle. Like the Healing II effect, but affects everyone surrounded by the circle as well as the members, and can affect up to Attunement2 targets.