Priests do not have the fine control over the elements that elementalists possess, but those who are in tune with the forces of nature can command impressive power. Weather is a good start toward picking up the Blast sphere and picking appropriate effects for different weather phenomena.

Weather Special Effects

Manipulate Weather. Slight changes are difficulty 5, dramatic ones 10, extreme ones 15.


Heat and Humidity.

Earthquake. Not the most powerful of effects: difficulty 15 will only break windows and make people take defensive stunts not to fall down. It takes at least a 20 to start levelling buildings— the sort of thing that usually requires a ritual.

Fog. Thick fog is a –2 penalty to fighting.

Lightning. As the Blast special effect.

Rain. Allows all manner of interesting stunts.

Snow. Another good slippery surface, almost as good as fog for obscuring vision.

Thunder. Obscures sounds, breaks windows.

Wind. Bracing against a strong wind is a continuous action.

Weather Resistance. (T3.) A weather priest is always immune to discomfort caused by the weather. He can walk naked in a snowstorm and won’t break a sweat in the Sahara. He still cannot see through snow, mist and similar obstructions, however. This immunity can be conferred on a number of comrades equal to the priest’s Attunement attribute for an Attunement point. Against unnatural weather effects, the power works as armor equal to the priest’s Attunement.

Weather Prediction. (T3.) A priest can roughly predict the weather a number of days into the future equal to his Attunement attribute, and give detailed predictions an equal number of hours in advance. These predictions will dramatically change if another sorcerer alters the upcoming weather.