Our Boosters

Once again a successful financial experience resulted from the generosity of our supporters. A goal of $4,400 was set for our annual Donation Drive and the ballclub was thrilled to receive $4,532 from 151 contributing individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Once again Sawyer Motors and Helsmoortel-Erceg helped our financial integrity by sponsoring their respective tournaments for the 6th consecutive season.

A boost was again realized in making our trip to the Watertown Tournament feasible and, while it turned out they were not needed, Lezette Express again offered to aid us with our Cooperstown excursion.

The Dutchmen Management greatly appreciates the support of those mentioned above. Without their generosity and consideration, the Saugerties Dutchmen simply could not take the field.

As a final note we are indebted to Greg Chorvas and his Parks & Recreation crew for providing a state-of-the-art diamond for the playing of every one of our games.

1998 Saugerties Dutchmen Yearbook
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