Joe Schlobotnik's Sports Machine

Have you ever wanted to win the lottery and open an eclectic sports bar where people can come watch all of the sports no one else thinks are important? Me too. There's nothing quite like shouting yourself hoarse in support of your favorite college hockey team, or spending a summer afternoon, pen in hand, at a hotly contested amateur baseball contest. And if you find yourself a continent away from that crucial cricket match, never fear. The internet's democratizing power also extends to sports. On this site you'll find links to on-line resources for a few of my favorite less-hyped sports, plus a bit of coverage of my own.

Who is this Joe Schlobotnik guy anyway?

Check out my sports geek resumé to see the sorts of things I've done off- and on-line over the years.

Where in the world is Joe Schlobotnik?

The Joe Scholobotnik Extravaganza is settling into its new new home in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the meantime, here are some of the sporting experiences I've had in my last two homes of Brownsville, Texas and Bern, Switzerland.

Joe's On-Line Oeuvre

My regular gigs these days are mostly joint productions with The Big Red What?, an on-line newsletter for Cornell Hockey fans. I try to keep the Ivy Football links page up-to date, but with the end of the adult amateur Saugerties Dutchmen baseball club, that's about it for ongoing Joe Schlobotnik enterprises. Most of my work on other sites has fallen victim to redesigns, but I've collected it here so you can relive my past glories. (Hey, if Déjà News can archive a couple of decades of USENET drivel, Joe deserves a little self-indulgence.)