Seattle Action Theatre
An adventure for Shadowrun


Christy Chan, one of Jackie’s granddaughters, is a highly talented action simsense star in a buddy movie with Rohana Azure, known for her continuing role as Michelle Bond, one of James Bond’s numerous children. When the mage helping out with stunts and healing on the production suddenly quits to go pursue higher truth on the metaplanes, acts of sabotage keep holding up the production schedule, most of the martial arts talent quit when their contract was voided due to endangerment by the sabotage, and the director had no say in the hiring of the security force for the production, it’s time to go looking for a little help.

Enter the runners, brought in as a “stunt company” by the director. Pay is 1k¥ per runner per week plus hazard pay, negotiably up to 1250¥ per week. The PC’s get “salvage rights” for anyone attacking the production as long as they’re subtle about it.

Mages with healing, levitation, or illusion spells will be popular. Shamans capable of summoning spirits to Guard the production will be especially popular. Street sams and physical adepts can be easily brought in as minor characters and stuntmen, especially if any mages have Physical Mask to keep their identities from being known. Riggers can do a great deal for remote control stunt driving.

Since the runners are not members of the Screen Actor’s Guild, they cannot have speaking parts, and they will usually be wearing “sagless masks”, stretchable masks that adhere to the face with a descendent of spirit gum. The masks have boldly constrasting lines against their background color that make it easy for computers to morph a face on top of them, and enable considerable recycling of extras.

The movie, Thunder and Lightning, is a tale of two women: Donna Chen, a maverick cop from Hong Kong, and Danielle Levin, a Special Forces troooper discharged on trumped-up charges when she wouldn’t participate in a gun-running ring. Donna’s trying to stem the flow of illegal weapons, while Dani’s seeking to clear her name. Naturally, a great deal of violence, car chases, and explosions ensue. Dani likes Ares products, while Donna prefers Shiawase? (check on manufacturers). (Guess who’s sponsoring the film?)


The whole setup is fraught with peril. Brilliant Genesis wants to extract Christy, while Amalgamated Artists wants to delay the production so their feature with the same plot can come out first. Naturally, Golden Harvest is a bit paranoid about working out here in Seattle, and they’ll be quite glad to have someone on hand whose loyalties are known... as long as the nuyen doesn’t run out.

This is a fine chance to just start throwing in bits and pieces to fill out the evening, bringing in the extraction of Christy Chan by several shadowrunners when it’s getting to be time to wrap up. Fill in with car bombs, go-gangs hired to interrupt car chases, street gangs hired to to crash the set... and throw in a few ordinary action scenes just for fun.


Christy Chan is a talented martial artist who’s done a number of trideos on Hong Kong and is making a splash in the UCAS now.

Rohana Azure, with her trademark blonde eyes and blue hair, has been playing a James Bond-style secret agent for years now. While this isn’t her traditional role, she’s perfect for the part.