Appearance and Personality

Dreme is 22-years-old. She is 5’8”, and possesses extremely dense muscle mass, which places her at the top of the human norm for strength. She is built like a dancer—her muscles are well defined but not bulky, and she is incredibly graceful in her movements. She has shoulder-length curly/wavy white hair, which tends to do what it wants to do unless jelled or placed under a make-over spell. She’s attractive in a rugged fashion, but is easily dismissed as another pretty face until she strikes up a conversation (or just plain strikes).

Her favorite article of clothing is a secure long coat she’s been working on for the last two years which has symbols that are personally important to her painted on it by her own hand. Everything from the names of her favorite bands to images of her favorite animals and quotes from her favorite movies and books are on the jacket.

Dreme tends to dress for the occasion. If there is no occasion, she’s usually wearing the standard armored underwear, a dance leotard and a pair of jeans, her long coat, good boots for running and climbing, fingerless gloves, and carrying a backpack full of what should be loosely called “stuff.” She likes physical toys, having been known to play with yo-yo’s, juggling balls, marbles, etc. When thinking, she often spins and flicks her favorite weapon, her butterfly knives; when the knives are not out, they are usually in the cases in the back of her boots designed to hold them.

Once out of the corporate scene, Dreme has made some choices about her life, which are reflected in the way she lives it. She is primarily an artist—creative, imaginative, and expressive. She is temperamental, given to pranks and games, and often misses things that people who look at things in normal ways would see. However, while her world doesn’t entirely overlay everyone else’s its close enough, as she would say, “for government work,” and enables her to come up with ideas and plans that other people might not. This often leads her to doing crazy things—from trick shots with the sniper rifle to hanging off the side of a building waiting to spring on a mark.

Dreme initially joined the group disbelieving she had any magical powers. Since then, she has come to accept that Physical Adept abilities are magical in nature, and that magic does not have to be constrained to one world view. As a result, her magical abilities and knowledge are based on theories of motion. This new focus as to the nature of her powers has permitted her to initiate 4 times (at present time, one initiation above the level of the magicians in the party), putting her to initial level 3. Dreme does not often remember to mask, but her natural tendency towards being unobtrusive until she decides to be noticed often causes her to appear mundane on astral perception through subconscious masking.

Dreme is a planner by nature, though she likes to occasionally act without thinking to surprise people. Her preference is for plans that require a minimum amount of work and, and is often a major plan-proposer for the team. Dreme likes to make use of individual talents and abilities, as well as looking at those abilities within the team as a whole. Dreme maintains about three different “drop” locations where she keeps money, a gun and the occasional useful item in the event she has to leave her current digs in a hurry.

Dreme’s hobbies are dancing professionally, her boyfriend Rick, drawing, and old movies (not always in that order). When not running, or expecting to run, she often takes side jobs for little pay working in dance productions. She met Rick through one of her first runs with the Twilight Brigade. Dreme practices her drawing daily, and it decorates her apartment. She occasionally catches old movies with Barry and Violet, though Rick has learned to appreciate them and they now watch them at his place occasionally. She particularly likes old James Bond movies, Bogart films and Errol Flynn adventures.

One cat owns Dreme exclusively, though he lends her out occasionally. He is a giant, long-hair orange tabby named Charlie. Like Dreme, he’s very independent, and can be seen wandering around the base—he comes and goes through a small cat-door to Dreme’s apartment.


Dreme started from complicated beginnings. Her mother was a Wage Mage, her father a Street Shaman. She never knew either of them, and both are dead now. She has one surviving sister, Cadence, who appears to be her twin (save that during the onset of her physical adept powers at puberty, Dreme’s hair changed to white). Dreme’s birth name and SIN registration name is Belinda Evelyn McClair.

Her mother sent her to live with an old lover of her’s to protect her from the corporation that she had worked for. The old friend turned out to be a physical adept, named Whisper, who lived with and protected a small nomadic group of migrant workers who moved from place to place providing added manpower as needed to various coprs and facillities. When temporary jobs dried up, they moved on. As only a portion of the tribe could work, resources were often slim. Whisper taught the children dance, music, and combat, all lessons that Dreme learned well. When Dreme was 14-years-old, TXS Corporation, the corp for whom her mother had worked, attacked the tribe and took her. Their claim was that they arrived too late to save most of the tribe, when in effect they had staged the entire attack themselves.

Dreme was then enrolled in a corporate training facility and thoroughly tested. She and her sister were held in different facilities, unbeknownst to each other. Corporate scientists determined that the genesis of the twins was a statistical oddity and nothing about their genetic structure would guarantee magical offspring, as the Corporation had hoped. So both girls were permitted to train in their respective traditions—Dreme as an assassin and Cadence as a Wage Mage.

Dreme made her first official kill at the age of 16. She went on to perform 20+ assassinations (she’s lost track of exactly how many) in the next four years she spent working for the corporation. Her specialties were blades and sniper rifle, but she became an expert at Escrima and the various uses of drugs and toxins. During a brief political pissing contest, it was revealed to Dreme that the work she was doing was only to further corporate ambition, and not because—as she had been convinced—they were actually bad people.

She broke away from the corporation during a fortunate event in which her sister was also attempting to break away. The resulting destruction of the facility they had been housed in and the lack of evidence regarding which of them had been present has put her on the “maybe dead list” for TXS Corporation, but prevents her from using her own SIN.

She returned to Seattle after her escape to try and find work in the shadows, and literally stumbled across the Twilight Brigade.

Common Quote:

“I have an idea...”



Dreme met Rick when breaking into his apartment to help Catz “brain drain” him. Rick worked (and does currently) at a book depository that the Twilight Brigade was going to hit, and they were interested in his knowledge of the security of the place. Dreme was impressed with the fact that he was keeping three cats in a security controlled building that prohibited them. After the run, she decided to look him up to see if he was all right (he had gotten blindsided during the actual operation) and to find out what his company knew about the runners. One thing led to another and she kept seeing him. One year later, she told him that she was a shadowrunner, and once he was comfortable with that, explained that the Twilight Brigade had hit his place a year before. Brief amounts of Chaos erupted afterwards, which have left their relationship in a bit of an uneasy mess. Dreme is still trying hard to repair it, though recent episodes have shown how unpredictable and dangerous life in the Shadows can be to Rick.


In a random encounter, one man was holding a small office hostage. The Twilight Brigade happened to come across it, haggled briefly with LoneStar, and then contracted as Pharos Security to help them out. Dreme borrowed Tommy’s SWAT hat and got his phone number after the gig was successfully completed. She occasionally sends him flowers or has dinner with him, but has made it plain she’s just friends... for now.


Dave is an old time friend of Dreme’s when she was working for TXS. One of his hide outs was along her escape path and when she came crashing through his decking area she realized that leaving him there, unattended, would cause him to get mowed down by the mark’s body guards when they jetted through. She roused him from his decking trance and got both of them to her waiting car and out of the area. Dave’s response to a beautiful woman storming his apartment was mild—he invited her to lay low at another location of his. She thanked him generously for his offer but declined. They have kept in touch ever since, occasionally having dinner and hanging out. He still tries to encourage her to get a jack of some sort so he can take her into his world, she still tries to get him to go out into the real one.


During another escape, Dreme literally limped into this Ripper Doc’s impromptu clinic and collapsed. Aspirin treated her pretty kindly, not using anything that would have damaged her Physical Adept powers (but taking all her money and her weapons). When she came to, she was in an abandoned apartment in the Barons, and feeling much better. She went back to report in, then returned to recover her weapons. After brief banter, the two formed a relationship. Dreme was concerned the corp would find out, however, and eventually cut it off for fear of Aspirin’s safety.

Wendy Wonka

The nomadic tribe that Dreme used to travel with were killed off and scattered by TXS Corporation. Some few survivors remained, a dear friend, Gweneth, among them. Dreme asked the Twilight Brigade fixer to track down the remaining survivors, and found that Gweneth’s name had changed to Wendy Wonka (a known sugar smuggler) and that Wendy was ill and stuck somewhere, laying low. Dreme and a portion of the team went to “visit.” Most of Wendy’s team was far too ill to continue their smuggling mission, so Wendy offered the job to the Twilight Brigade who accepted. Wendy now owes the team a big favor, but more importantly, she and Dreme have rekindled their old friendship. Wendy is very interested in Fieran, and has asked Dreme to let her know if and when he becomes available.

TXS Corporation

TXS Corporation still has triple A Corporation paperwork pending. They have their fingers in several pies, though their primary source of legitimate income is supposed to be derived from pharmaceuticals. Dreme knows now that they do contracted assassinations on a professional, “boy’s club” level; when a specific vice president or regional manager doesn’t want to ruin his/her reputation by going to the shadows to find a killer, they may turn to TXS for help. In return for arranging certain promotions within other companies. TXS has positioned itself as a leader among anything it chooses to sell. Some rumors have it that even executives in companies like Renraku and Azetechnology owe TXS a few “favors.” TXS keeps it’s profile incredibly low, performs whatever black-ops operations it performs discreetly, and maintains accurate legitimate records for all its holdings.

TXS specializes in various types of drugs—those used to treat diseases as well as drugs used to enhance or boost other attributes to the user. They do sell some of their pharmaceuticals in a recreational setting, but no proof of this side business has ever been established to the satisfaction of LoneStar or any other governmental organization. Other than pharmaceuticals, TXS is also involved in genetics research and security technology, among other things. Fortunately for Dreme, she is a very small fish in the ocean that TXS is interested in, so unless she somehow contrives to deliberately cross paths (such as using her SIN or parading naked in front of one of their branch offices), she’s not in danger from them.