Johnny Doppler, Human Rigger 100 karma, 97 spent
3Vehicle Control Rig-2
0.5Smartgun Link Level II
0.5Orientation System
0.5Cybereyes with Low-Light, Thermographic, Optical Mag 3, Rangefinder, Display Link, and Flare Compensation
0.3Skillwires Plus-3
0.15+3 ports for skillsofts
0.15Datajack (25 DFR)
0.5Commlink-IV with subdermal speakers and microphones
Edges and Flaws
+1Technical School Education
-1Background Trouble: LA Mafia
Combat9 Control9 Karma8
* Upped with karma.
Condition Monitor
Deadly    Deadly
Unconscious    Unconscious
+3TN/-3I    +3TN/-3I
Serious    Serious
+2TN/-2I    +2TN/-2I
Moderate    Moderate
+1TN/-1I    +1TN/-1I
Light    Light
Ranged Weapons
Savalette Guardian 5 SA/BF 5 20 40 60 3.25kg 9M
Ingram Smartgun 5 BF/FA 10 40 80 150 3.0kg 7M
Ares MP LMG BF/FA 20 40 80 150 7S
Enfield AS-7 SA/BF 10 20 50 100 8S
Armtech MGL-12 SA 50 100 150 300
Ground Vehicle B/R6 Car5 +1 Firearms5
Aircraft B/R6 LTA5 Gunnery5 +2
Electronics: Signal Warfare1:3 Stealth: Urban4 Etiquette (Street): Partying4:5
Electronics B/R1 Physical Sciences1 Dance (Rock’n’roll)3+3
English5 LA2 Athletics1
City Speak5 Seattle: Spots: Nightclubs1:1:2+1.5 Denver1
Denver4 Disguise3 Computer: Software: Video Games1:1:4+4
Demolitions3 Rotorcraft5 Biology: Drugs: Recreational 1:1:1
German1 Hovercraft3 Magic Theory1
UK1    Survival1


Savalette Guardian with Improved Gas-Vent 2 (total recoil comp 3): 2 12-round clips + 100 gel rounds. Ingram Smartgun with gas-vent 2, folding stock (total recoil comp 3): 2 32-round clips + 100 gel rounds.

Ammo: 200 gel rounds for the Ares MP LMG (takes a 100-round belt). 100 standard rounds for the Enfield AS-7 (takes a 50 round drum). 24 concussion mini-grenades for the Armtech MGL-12.

Remote control deck with 6 slave ports.

Warehouse in Tukwila near SEA-TAC with a vehicle facility, microtronics shop, and portable vehicle repair kit.

Rating 6 Platinum ID with 21530¥. 35000¥ in certified credit. Permit to travel to Denver (10k¥/year, up for renewal 6/55). Denver map chip (streets, downtown, roads), gives skill at level 4. Rotorcraft-3 tutorsoft. Hovercraft-3 tutorsoft. DocWagon Platinum through 6/55.

Form-fitting body armor (B4 I1 C12 1.75kg), secure jacket (B5 I3 C9 3kg), concealable holster (hip) for Savalette. Leather jacket incorporating tire treads and snow chains (B5 I3 4kg). Chemsuit-10.

“Middle” lifestyle (low + warehouse) paid through 7/55.

Disguise kit

Antique brass telescope dating back to clipper ships, with documentation of authenticity— worth 40k¥.
VW Superkombi III “Snark”
Economy (IC)18 km/l
Fuel120 l
Runflat performance tires (B5/I3)
Anti-theft 6 system, roll bars
Small pop-up anti-air turret
with Ares MP LMG, Enfield AS-7,
Armtech MGL-12
 Time to get even
 +3TN, 50% speed
 +2TN, 75% speed
Skysnooper LTA
Signature8 (9A)
Fuel155 l
240 PF
Seating4 bench
4 folding
25 CF, 29 w/ folded benches
SunCell power
 Time to get even
 +3TN, 50% speed
 +2TN, 75% speed
2 CF under seat, 2 CF in sideboxes.


6 Condor drones:

4 Gaz-Niki Snoops

2 armed MCT-Nissan rotodrones armed with AK-98 assault rifles with improved gas-vent IV systems, SM-3 sniper rifles, and flash packs, with smartlink II’s and rangefinders (replacement cost 16,250¥). They each hold 190 rounds of ammunition for the AK-98, 30 for the SM-3, and 6 minigrenades on the thump gun on the AK-98. Since these are armed variants, they have Enhanced sensors (level 2), Speed 30/75, B/A 4/0, Sig 4.

4 Sikorsky-Bell microskimmers.

1000 rds HMG slug ammo, 1000 rds HMG gel ammo, 60 IPE concussion minigrenades, 60 IPE offensive minigrenades, 30 IPE Neurostun-VII minigrenades. 1000 rds assault rifle slug ammo, 1000 rds assault rifle gel ammo, 300 rounds sniper rifle slug ammo, 300 rounds sniper rifle gel ammo.

Appearance and Personality

Johnny Doppler is a young man of Japanese descent and thoroughly American acculturation. He is well-tanned from exposure to a variety of weathers, and keeps his black hair a few centimeters long; it is usually standing straight up, making him seem just a bit taller than his actual 5’7”. His cybereyes are orbs of solid black, and are usually hidden behind black eyeshields. Chrome datajacks and skilljacks stand out on his temples (four skilljacks on the right temple, a riggerjack, datajack, and mapjack on the left); his wiry frame shows well through his customary dress of tank tops or T-shirts and tight jeans. He speaks English in a baritone heavily influenced by a City Speak patois, and shifts between street slang and heavily technical jargon without effort. He has a wide variety of brightly colored T-shirts, and wears a synthleather jacket when it gets cold. He tends to adopt a comfortable slouch, though he’s not in danger of developing a hunchback like some folks on the street.

Johnny is a barely reformed hoodlum, a former juvenile delinquent. The notion of having a philosophy of life is a new and complicated thing that his friends in the Twilight Brigade keep discussing with him; his uncomplicated view of the world is about having fun without hurting anyone who doesn’t deserve it. He’s perfectly happy to mow down go-gangs with vast amounts of lead slugs and run over any survivors, if they give him trouble; his friends have been talking about the benefits of nonlethal force, and their ideas don’t actually have holes in them, so he’s currently loading gel rounds and concussion grenades to give it a try.

Adaptation to his vehicle control rig has had a great deal of effect on Johnny’s personality. Learning to switch between drones and vehicles has given him a rather good multi-tasking ability, and it shows in his conversation and motions. When he focusses on an activity, he devotes all of his attention to it.

Johnny’s ideas of fun include sex, drugs, loud music, video games, driving very very fast, flying, and building bigger and better toys (which includes an interest in esoteric weapons). Johnny is not actually sleazy, nor does he actually objectify his girlfriends; he just multi-tasks his romances the same way he does drones through a rigger deck, and shrugs when women decide they can find less tomcat-like prospects. (Barry regularly teases him about having a “Girlfriend of the Week Club lifetime membership card”.) His tastes in recreational drugs are relatively conservative for a teenager in 2053: mild hallucinogens descended from mescaline, inhibition relaxers descended from Ecstasy, stimulants descended from cocaine. He knows perfectly well what overdoses can do to you, and avoids anything strongly addictive; he will have nothing to do with BTLs, which he’s fairly sure were the last nail in his mother’s coffin. He’s just as happy listening to loud techno/rave dance music as he is symphonic works, and his visitors often wince when Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Symphony No. 8 leads directly to The Orb’s Toxygene in his random play sets; all that matters to him is that his music be intense. He lacks the patience for art galleries, and the longest time he’s spent in one was the time he was playing a descendent of Doom that let you wander around the Louvre shooting things. He is literate, but he uses it mostly to read technical manuals and blueprints.

Johnny doesn’t bother with long-term plans longer than a year; he has enough sense to save up money for times when he can’t get any to support his bad habits and for possible sudden medical needs, but retirement is a long way off for him. He’s much more interested in getting the latest toys. People attempting to discuss the state of his soul are generally asked if there are any cyberware enhancements for it; religion is, to him, somebody else’s problem.

Luxury is, to him, having all the toys you want at your command. He lives in a converted loft above a warehouse out near SEA-TAC airport, with his vehicle facility below. The loft is laid out in a utilitarian manner, with lots of workbenches, exposed plumbing, and a king-sized bed in one corner opposite the giant trideo screen. Like Talks-With-Cats, he survives very happily on stuffers and junk food.

Johnny is very possessive of the vehicles he works on, and will be very irritated if someone loses one or gets it blown up. The Snark, his heavily modified Volkswagen Superkombi van with the pop-up anti-aircraft turret, is the vehicle he’s been working on since he was fifteen, and he’s particularly attached to it.


“Wiz! I want one!”

“Hey, man, life’s spozed ta be intense!”

“Naw, th’ autopilot won’t aktchally try ta kill th’ car thief ’less ya click th’ Hound mercilessly checkbox.”


Steve Takahashi was born in a cheap clinic in LA on December 10, 2035 and grew up on the streets. He never knew his father (who left his mother when she became pregnant), and was lucky to be weaned before she acquired a drug habit. He showed a talent for mechanical operations early on, and became an accomplished car thief by the time he was tall enough to reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel. At age 12, he managed to get busted by a policeman who was on the take, and was delivered to a Fagin-like school for young riggers— operated by the Mafia, he thinks— instead of to the police station, and wound up behind a number of license plates instead of making them.

The rigger school taught Johnny a great deal about technology and driving; due to the talent he displayed, he was given a great deal of cyberware at age 16. He was one of the shop’s most talented students in the field of vehicle modification. However, while going over a limousine’s electrical system late one night, he managed to overhear a conversation that revealed that the students there were expected to be permanent employees with no option for leaving, and didn’t like any of the methods that he overheard for keeping loyalty.

Initiating a quick conspiracy with a few other students, he engineered an escape, carrying a great deal of useful weapons, equipment, and vehicles with them. A month later, Johnny was assembling his own vehicle facility in Seattle with the proceeds of the theft.


Tina is a mechanic, and is Johnny’s partner (buddy) in doing work at the vehicle facility. Tina was part of the group that escaped the rigger “school” with Johnny, and does a lot of electronics work on the vehicles Johnny works with. She’s made it very clear to Johnny that she won’t date anyone shorter than she is, and it doesn’t count if he puts on platform shoes.

Marv, another one of the escapees, was always an expert at social engineering, and is becoming a fairly competent fixer specializing in rigger technology.

Arthur is a Mercenary Supply Sergeant who likes to drive very fast when he’s off duty, and Johnny has done a good deal of work on the fellow’s car pumping up the engine. Arthur has access to a wide variety of interesting weapons, and he and Johnny have spent a number of dinners talking about creating unusual weapons that opponents would be unprepared for in both city and battlefield.

The Gang Boss for the neighborhood gang provides security for Johnny’s warehouse and vehicle facility in exchange for Johnny’s help in chopping stolen vehicles or making them unidentifiable when the gang needs help.

A particular Mr. Johnson at Ares Macrotechnology is always interested in hearing feedback about practical applications of the latest military and security technology, and occasionally allows Johnny to obtain some for “evaluation purposes”. This Johnson is, of course, fairly compensated for the value of the objects procured, and receives reports and occasional videos of them operating under field conditions.

George Smeds is a customs official at Stapleton Airport in Denver (Use Gov’t Official from Sprawl Sites) with a particular weakness for California Hots. Johnny always makes sure to bring him a few (along with a credstick for sweetening life for his boys) with every Denver run. Generally, Johnny gets to park in a nice, isolated part of the airfield near the fence— ostensibly to prevent vandals and thieves from getting at it— and the guards don’t pay any attention to odd occurrences like city spirits cloaking people going over the fence.

4I’s and Amanda are otaku (not necessarily of the VR2.0 type) at the Denver Data Haven who owe the group a favor (after rescuing Amanda from the corporation that was going to let her die). Johnny plays networked video games with them regularly (especially Amanda, who’s a rigger).