Due to Cats' corrupting influence, a number of the folks in the Twilight Brigade have acquired feline pets.

Cats' roommates are

(Cats has many more visitors who hang out in the nest of blankets on the back porch and show up for the bulk cat chow that he puts out for them, but the above four are the ones that are of a temperament to handle his visitors. He tries to find good homes for the beasts that aren't hopelessly feral, and keeps a regular supply of good mousers and ratters going down to the Ork Underground.)

Doc Grizzly has acquired a neutered male blue-eyed seal-point ragdoll mix, named Mr. Fred Fluff, a very gentle beast with little hunting instinct but a very cuddly disposition. Fred, amazingly enough for a feline, can actually stay put on a part of the body that needs a purring heat source.
Dreme has a big orange tabby-- a neutered male American Shorthair with the Mackerel Tabby pattern-- who's a good hunter.

A common Awakened trait among housecats is Astral Sight-- the cats in question are dual beings. (Being cats, they make lousy watchanimals.) There are a couple of these wandering around the headquarters-- a silver tabby who is so relaxed she appears to be made purely out of cartilege and can be poured from one hand to the other, and a very inquisitive Siamese mix whose name seems to switch between Sings-Too-Loud and Sings-For-Supper.