Genomics AG

Genomics AG is a parent corporation whose main business is holding informational patents coming from gene sequencing projects of other companies under its control:


Snipe Hunt

The runners are invited to a “meet” at the TPIE facility on the outskirts of Seattle by a woman with very short hair and very little knowledge of shadow etiquette. (She got the information on the runners from ???.) After being given a bit of hush money— “this is how you do non-disclosure agreements in the shadows, right?”— they are taken on a tour of the TPIE “petting zoo” and then admitted to a back room where they have some new creations under wraps: genuine ancient Egyptian housecats created from DNA in cat mummies, and a baby woolly mammoth nursing from a normal elephant mother. In person, the woman’s scalp is a pelt from a silver tabby (that the runners can meet if they want).

The folks at TPIE have been trying to get their hands on DNA samples for a number of rare creatures, but the governments preserving them are charging too high a price. TPIE want to hire the runners to go out and get samples; they are interested in the Twilight Brigade in particular because of their reputation for subtlety and non-lethal work.


Newsleak, the pirate trideo report and Matrix-based magazine, has heard some interesting dirt and want some bodies exhumed and closeted skeletons outed... come up with something interesting relating to Designer Genes Corporation.