Fire and Forget

Fire and Forget are a shadowrunning team known for being effective and lethal: no one remains to tell tales after they’ve been on a mission. They are consummate professionals.

As a contrast to the Twilight Brigade, they have no trouble with getting their meat replaced with machinery when it makes them better at their jobs.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure is a black Elven male, the team leader and tactician; in battle, he usually works as a sniper giving commands over the radio link. He believes that the best way to win an engagement is through decisive use of overwhelming force, to eliminate all possible problems. (B 5, S 3 (5), Q 6 (8), I 6 (8), C 5, W 6, R 6 (9) + 2d6, BI 4.35, E 0.97.) Cybereyes with low-light, thermographic, electronic mag 3, rangefinder, 0.3E; Kiroshi optishields w/ flare comp and display link, 0.05E; cyberarm with fingers of low-light vidcam, IR vidcam, tracking device, parabolic microphone, 1.0E; cyberarm tactical computer-1, 2.63E; cyberarm smartlink II, 0.25E; cyberarm orientation system, 0.25E; cyberarm shotgun; cyberears w/ damper and hearing amplification, 0.3E; cerebral booster-2, 0.8B; mnemonic enhancer-4, 0.8B; muscle augmentation-2, 1.6B; enhanced articulation, 0.6B; reflex recorder: firearms, 0.25B; synaptic acclerator-2, 0.3B; omnijack, 0.2E. He has a mild allergy to iron.)

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage is a human male of Chinese ancestry, a demolitions specialist. (Gunnery, Demolitions, Firearms, Throwing.)


Overkill is a red-headed Causcasian Ork woman, a specialist in hand-to-hand combat, with a severe allergy to gold. (B 6 (8), S 6 (9), Q 6 ( 10), I 4, C 4, W 5, R 5 (11) + 3d6, +3 Impact, +1 Ballistic, BI 5.7, E 0.65. Cyberware: Move-by-wire 1, 2.5E; synaptic accelerator-1, 0.3B; enhanced articulation, 0.6B; suprathyroid, 1.4B; synthacardium-2, 0.3B; orthoskin-3, 1.5B; aluminum bone lacing, 1.15E; cyberarm with Husqvarna Chainripp® chainsaw [does (Str)S vs. 1/2 ballistic armor], Air Hypo cyberfinger, Mace Sprayer cyberfinger, Flashbulb™, Smartlink II, 360° joints, two-thumbed double-jointed hand, total 1.25E; cybereyes with low-light, flare comp, thermographic, 0.2E; Omnijack 0.2E; Muscle augmentation-2 1.6B.)

Reckless Endangerment

Reckless Endangerment— “Reck Danger”, “R.E.”, or “R.D.” for short— is the team rigger, a human caucasian male with a shock of blond hair and a mild addiction to adrenaline. (Vehicle Control Rig 2, 3.0E. Orientation System, 0.5E. Skillwires Plus-3, 0.3E. Smartlink II, 0.5E. Cybereyes: low-light, flare comp, electronic mag 3, rangefinder, 0.2E.)

Access Violator

Access Violator— “Access” or “Excess” for short— is an Amerindian human woman, a former Sioux Wildcat combat decker. She serves as the team’s decker and technician, able to break into maglocks and matrix systems with equal ease. Her right arm contains her cyberdeck, and the fingers are each a lockpick, miniature flashlight, needle injector, datajack, and credstick I/O port. (Encephalon-4, 1.75E; Math SPU-4, 0.25E; cerebral booster 2, 0.8B; cyberarm with deck, 1.0E; synaptic accelerator-2, 1.6B; enhanced articulation, 0.6B; Muscle Augmentation-2, 1.6B; skillwires plus-3, 0.3E; 75DFR datajack, 0.2E; softlink-4, 0.3E, mnemonic enhancer-6 1.2B; smartlink II in cyberarm, 0.25E; cybereyes with low-light, flare comp, electronic mag 3, snapshot recording ???E.)

Body Count

Body Count is a Caucasian Dwarf, male, and a Hermetic mage. He is lightly cybered (Smartlink II, 0.5E; cybereyes with low-light, flare comp, electronic mag 3, and rangefinder, 0.2E; omnijack, 0.20E; synaptic accelerator 1, 0.3B; cerebral booster 2, 0.8B). (Sorcery, Conjuring, Firearms.)