The Gonzorunners

The Gonzorunners were dubbed that by Gung Ho Chan, who has a knack for wordplay and coining phrases: after their first run, he remarked on the intense personalities in the group, “We are a bunch of gonzo shadowrunners!” and the name stuck.


Cluemaster is a Dwarf combat decker of Arabic descent. His parents were corporate types somewhat inspired by the Sufi branch of Islam, and inspired in him a love of the truth and of common sense. He also inherited a short temper that, coupled with his strong will and lack of tolerance for idiocy, got him kicked out of the UCAS Marine Corps with a dishonorable discharge. He is the team leader and tactician.

A: 1M¥ Tech B: Stats C: Dwarf D: Skills E: Magic


Streak is an Elven street samurai of Spanish descent, with very fair skin and jet black hair in a crewcut, with a silver lightning bolt dyed into the hair on her left temple. She grew up in a burbclave and joined a corporate security force, where she was given an impressive set of enhancements and worked for several years. When Fire and Forget attacked her complex, she decided she wasn’t getting paid enough to deal with someone using that level of overkill, and got the hell out of there before her building was levelled. When the corp reviewed the fragmentary remains of the security footage, they decided she was an accomplice and posted a reward for her capture. Streak decided that it would be a good time to change her identity and flee into the shadows.

She has wired reflexes level 3 (5.0E), a smartlink II (0.5E), an omnijack (0.25E), flare compensation (0.1E), electronic magnification-3 (0.1E), a level 2 cerebral booster (0.8BI), a suprathyroid gland (1.4BI), enhanced articulation (0.6BI), and level 2 muscle augmentation (1.6BI). She is running on 0.05 Essence and a Body Index of 4.4. With A: 1M¥ Tech, B: 24 Stats, C: Elf, D: 164xp Skills, E: Magic, she clocks in at B: 5 (6) Q 7 (10) S 4 (7) I 6 (8) C 3 W 4 R 6+1d6 (17+4d6), which gives her a sustained speed of 60kph = 37mph! She started out with the Edges of 2 extra stat points (+2) and a nuisance allergy to sunlight (–2), and acquired Versatile Sleeper (+1) and Light Sleeper (+1) along with Vindictive (–2) when she got all that speedware implanted.

Being wired to function at three to four times the speed of an ordinary human has had a strong effect on Streak. She is very temperamental, and has a tendency to have a dikoted switchblade at a person’s throat whenever they make trouble for her. She has become quite paranoid, and has yet to acquire any incentive to relax. Her idea of fun is cruising down double-purple-triangle ski runs.

Gung Ho Chan

Gung Ho Chan is a male Ork of Chinese descent, born to an Orkish couple in 2036. (His real first name is Nicholas, usually just Nicky.) As he grew up in a rough neighborhood, he discovered that most people expected Chinese people to know all sorts of dangerous martial arts. He had no access to any such teachers, but he studied cheesy martial arts films to cultivate poses and moves as bluffs to make people think twice before bothering him. This didn’t keep him out of fights entirely, and the school of hard knocks taught him a great deal about learning dirty fighting. He is now a self-proclaimed master of the martial art of Yuk Fu (“Fuck you too!”) and has a strong talent with improvised weapons. His personality is so intense that someone referred to him as “gung-ho”, and so now he goes by the name Gung Ho Chan.

Gung Ho is a Physical Adept, not yet Initiated, who enjoys a good scrap. A number of his powers work from a Geas of naming his martial arts moves, usually completely off the cuff. (“Punching stupid Humanis goon stance!” “Chair fu!” “Your feeble technique is no match for my drunken panda kung fu!”) He makes a fair amount of money as muscle for hire, and is often found on bodyguard duty. (A: 30 Stats B: Physad C: Ork D: 164xp Skills E: 500¥ Tech. B: 9, Q: 6, S: 8, I: 4, C: 4, W: 5, moderate allergy to something, Enhanced Reflexes 1, flare comp, hearing dampers, and Incantation geas on Killing Hands M, Smashing Blow, Missile Mastery, +2 dice Unarmed Combat, +2 dice Armed Combat, +2 dice Counterstrike. Armed Combat 6, Dirty Street Fighting 7, Throwing 4, Tactics: Land 2:4, Etiquette (Street) 4, Bike (2-wheel) 2:4, Athletics 3, Stealth (Urban) 4.)

Wile E

Wile E is a human Coyote shaman who got his start in the shadows as a cat burglar. He is much more comfortable with technology than your average shaman. He is of mixed Caucasian and Amerind descent, grew up on the streets apprenticed separately to a shaman and a cat burglar, and got his street name from Gung Ho Chan. (A: Magic B: 255xp skills C: 20 stats D: 15 force pts, 5k¥, E: Race)

Wile E has a rather loose notion of property, and enjoys playing tricks on people. (After nearly getting killed once, he now is very careful about playing tricks on Streak.)


Roadrunner is a human rigger of mostly African-American ancestry, who was dating Wile E when they were brought into a mission with Cluemaster, Streak, and Gung Ho Chan. She grew up in a mallplex and got her start as a cargo truck driver; her taste in weekend leisure ran to monster trucking, and she did a lot of her own work on her 4×4. She was brought into a smuggling ring that was using legitimate grocery delivery vans to transport recreational pharmaceuticals, then eventually decided she could do pretty well on her own and began saving up for outfitting a 4×4 as a smuggling vehicle.

The Gonzorunners team vehicle is a jacked-up 4×4 with pop-up turrets on the underside, which aren’t much help against attacking aircraft but are great for dealing with gangers and much less noticeable. It has a full wet drive and big enough tires not to sink.

Roadrunner loves monster trucking in the wilderness and the city, and has that slightly deranged attitude toward danger that riggers who stay inside armored vehicles acquire. She isn’t likely to drive her truck over rush hour traffic in Seattle, crushing hundreds of innocent people to death, but she really enjoys the feel of a powerful engine and the truck bouncing over obstacles.