The Ultraworld Group

The Ultraworld Group is a magical thinktank, like the Y Corporation. The Ultraworld Group specializes in the extremely otherworldly end of divination magic, attempting to place themselves in harmony with the currents of the astral world.

All members of the group are highly experienced at the study of myth and symbol; each one has at least one divination specialty, and some deal in more than one. All of them are conversant enough in the use of the Tarot, I Ching, Norse runes, oriental and occidental alchemy, and Jungian psychology to have a common base for discussion.

They refer to the meta-world of divinatory information as the Ultraworld, a place that encompasses the physical world, the astral plane, and the metaplanes.

The members of the Ultraworld Group seldom bestir themselves with the material world. They maintain the money for their installation— something between a monastery and a consulting house— by occasionally selling their divinatatory talents to those willing to pay for extremely detailed looks into the abstruse levels of the world, and by occasional bets or investments in trends they detect.

Their building is filled with statuary, paintings, and artwork that spark the imagination— dreamcatchers hang next to Surrealist paintings and neolithic artifacts.

The heart of their building is a heavily warded divination chamber containing a unique focus, a perfect quartz sphere accreted through accelerated natural processes under heavy spells. The focus, called the Orb, is roughly half a meter in diameter and weighs hundreds of pounds. It is a highly sensitive psychic resonator; any disturbance in the nearby astral plane is visible in the aura of the Orb. Magicians meditating in the presence of the Orb and using it as a feedback device for clearing their own minds can become especially sensitive to divinatory currents in the universe. The members of the Group claim that they can each recognize their separate signatures on the surface of the Orb when any of them have not achieved complete tranquility.

Name: The Ultraworld Group
Type: Dedicated
Members: 7
Limitations: Researchers only. Shamans, mages, and houngans accepted.
Strictures: Oath. Belief. Fraternity. Material Link. Attendance. Karma. Exclusive ritual.
Resources/Dues: High. The Group maintains a headquarters where the members live immersed in the world of myth and symbol.
Customs: The Ultraworld Group spends most of their time involved in divination, meditating, dreaming, and performing the occasional astral quest. They go to a great deal of trouble to make friends with Free Spirits who have their own manner of access to the Ultraworld, and would never enslave one.