Weirdness happens. Strange things abound in the world, and not all of them are caused by deliberate machinations. Statistically unlikely events have to happen somewhere, inexplicable natural phenomena do occur, and sometimes people just go insane. And when you have characters with the Weirdness Magnet flaw... remember to spice up their lives with bizarre events.

I figure that one-point Weirdness Magnet events are noteworthy, two-point events distracting, three-point events inconvienient, and four-point events completely derailing.

Noteworthy Events

These should simply make people say, “Weird!”

Distracting Events

These are likely to distractions that can disrupt the runners’ current activities, but should not be a major pain.

Inconvenient Events

These should make life difficult.

Derailing Events

Four-point weirdness magnet events should be enough to completely derail the runners’ plans due to their upsetting and unanticipated nature.


Ovi’s World of the Bizarre is a journal of unusual phenomena, much like the Fortean Times.