Episode 001: "Helloooo, Mr. Weatherby"

1995 January 25
Doghouse Riley, Alfred, Mr. Squishy
Cool or Noodle:
Ring of Fire, Cool
Top Ten List:
Top Ten Surprises in Pete Wilson's State of the State Address
Other Bits:
Readings from the Firearms Literature, US/Soviet Spacesuit Comparison
Hellooooo, Mr Squishy!
Devo, "Smart Patrol"
Bel-Airs, "Squad Car"
Punch the Clown, "The Pervert Song"
Ween, "You Fucked Up"
Fishbone, "Lyin' Ass Bitch"
They Might Be Giants, "Fingertips"
Aaron Copland, Gun Battle
Aaron Copland, Celebration After Billy's Capture
Luscious Jackson, "Daddy"
Violent Femmes, "Gimme the Car"
Glasgow Police Pipe Band, "Quicksteps"
Ramones, "Teenage Lobotomy"
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, "Gin-Guzzlin' Frenzy"
Dickies, "She's a Hunchback"
Dead Milkmen, "Surfin' Cow"
Dick Dale, "Ring of Fire"
Steel Drums of Trinidad, "Amazing Grace"
Monty Python, "Henry Kissinger Song"
Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, "How Can I Miss You?"
Duke Ellington, "Things Ain't What They Used To Be"
Punch the Clown, "CIA Chick"
Barrance Whitfield and the Savages, "Madhouse"
Dead Kennedys, "Night of the Living Rednecks"
Benny Goodman, "Let's Dance"
Violent Femmes, "Mirror Mirror"
They Might Be Giants, "Turn Around"
Vivaldi/Perlman, Violin Concerto in C Minor (1st movement)
The Victim's Family, "Anti-Satan Song For Mom"
Punch the Clown, "Punch the Clown"
Scott Joplin/Paul Schoenfeld, "Maple Leaf Rag"
Ween, "Spinal Meningitis"
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"Jarry's Kids"

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