Episode 002: "Jarry's Kids"

1995 February 1
Doghouse Riley, Alfred, Joe P------k, Mr. Squishy
Cool or Noodle:
Hava Nagila, Cool
Top Ten List:
Top Ten Signs You've Got a Bad Broker
Other Bits:
Absurdist Theatre, ECAC Hockey
Devo, "Mongoloid"
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, "A-Mazing Big Foot Diet"
Circle Jerks, "Coup D'Etat"
Dead Milkmen, "Blood Orgy of the Atomic Fern"
Fear, "Let's Have A War"
Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, "Who Drank My Beer?"
They Might Be Giants, "Spider"
Rice University Owl Marching Band, "Louie Louie"
Benny Goodman, "Stompin' at the Savoy"
Hiroshima, "OBON"
Missing Persons, "Mental Hopscotch"
Pogues, "Medley"
Val Kilmer, "Skeet Surfin'"
Dick Dale, "Hava Nagila"
The Victim's Family, "Bloated Housewives"
Dead Kennedys, "California Über Alles"
Dead Kennedys, "We've Got a Bigger Problem Now"
Dvorak, New World Symphony (4th movement)
English Beat, "Save it For Later"
Sousa/Great Brass Band, "The Thunderer"
Vivaldi/Perlman, Violin Concerto in A Minor (1st movement)
Trashmen, "Surfin' Bird"
X, "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes"
Barrance Whitfield and the Savages, "I Don't Dig Your Noise"
Tom Lehrer, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"
Cirque du Soleil, "Jeux des Enfants"
They Might Be Giants, "Thermostat"
Dead Milkmen, "Depression Day Dinner"
Monty Python, "Australian Table Wines"
Pyramids, "Penetration"
Cranberries, "How"
Dead Milkmen, "Big Lizard"
Dickies, "If Stuart Could Talk"
Ween, "Mister Would You Please Help My Pony"
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"Women & Shrubbery"

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