Episode 010: "Pave the Earth"

1995 April 29
Doghouse Riley, Joe P------k
Cool or Noodle:
"F Groove", Noodle
Top Ten List:
Other Bits:
Readings from apte
Mercury, Bringer of Chicken Wings
Benny Goodman, "Sing, Sing, Sing"
Glenn Miller, Song of the Volga Boatmen
Cycle Sluts From Hell, "Speed Queen"
Skankin' Pickle, "It's Margaret Cho"
Barrance Whitfield and the Savages, "Runnin' and Hidin'"
Boiled in Lead, "The Man Who Was Boiled in Lead"
Creedle, "Omar the Tentmaker"
Dick Dale, "F Groove"
Belly, "Dusted"
Violent Femmes, "4 Seasons"
Bad Religion, "Atomic Garden"
Elastica, "Car Song"
Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, "American Medley"
Holst, "The Planets" Tommy Dorsey, "Gypsy From Poughkeepsie"
Babes in Toyland, "Primus"
Ventures, "Hawaii Five-O"
Throwing Muses, "Red Shoes"
Belly, "Dream On Me"
Dickies, "Wagon Train"
Ramones, "Blitzkrieg Bop"
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, "Burn Down the Malls"
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