Episode 014: "Suicide Squeeze"

1995 May 27
Doghouse Riley, Joe P------k
Top Ten List:
Readings from the Sagas
Grettir's Saga Ch. 11-12: Thorgeir Flask-Back and the fight at Rif Skerries
Quien es mas swing?
Glenn Miller, "King Porter Stomp" def. Benny Goodman, "King Porter Stomp"
Other Bits:
Doghouse is late
The Muffs, "Oh Nina"
Bangles, "Return Post"
Sonic Youth, "Titanium Exposé"
Squirrel Nut Zippers, "Lugubrious Whing Whang"
Course of Empire, "Infested" (Darwin Goodman Mix)
Tom Lehrer, "Masochism Tango"
Black 47, "Funky Célí (Bridie's Song)"
The Insteps, "Shotgun Jimmy"
Cow Cow Davenport, "State Street Jive"
Greig, Norwegian Dances, Op. 64 (allegretto)
Benny Goodman, "King Porter Stomp"
Glenn Miller, "King Porter Stomp"
The Ziggens, "Something About a Waitress"
The Victim's Family, "Supermarket Nightmare"
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, "Spy School Graduation Song"
Bel-Airs, "Mr. Moto"
Belly, "Unheralded and Unsung"
Violent Femmes, "Jesus Walking on the Water"
Screaming Tribesmen, "Living Vampyre"
Morphine, "Shame"
Devo, "Secret Agent Man"
The Plugz, "Reel Ten"
Dead Milkmen, "Plum Dumb"
English Beat, "Twist and Crawl"
Skaface, "Ambiguous Ska"
Grieg, Norwegian Dances Op. 35 (1st movement)
Surf Punks, "No Fat Chix"
X, "Hungry Wolf"
Dave Brubek, "Benjamin"
Elastica, "See That Animal"
The Ziggens, "Mystery Lunch"
They Might Be Giants, "Turn Around"
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