Episode 104: "Atomic Party Machine"

1995 July 24
Doghouse Riley
Top Ten List:
Top Ten Things to do with Joe Outta the Studio
Quien es mas swing?
Readings From the Sagas Njal's Saga, ch. 1-??
Other Bits:
Dutchmen and Legion Baseball Report by Joe P------k, on location in Saugerties; Sci-Fi Summary
Fishbone, "Party at Ground Zero"
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, "Gonna put My Face on a Nuclear Bomb"
The Dickies, "Golden Boys"
Dead Milkmen, "Bleach Boys"
The Muffs, "Oh Nina"
Esquivel, "Mucha Muchacha"
Combustible Edison, "Spy vs. Spy"
Prokofiev/USSR Defense Ministry Band, March in F Major Op. 69, no. 1
Louis Armstrong, "Laughin' Louie"
The Ventures, "Hawaii Five-O"
Ensemble Escargot, "Hawaii Five-O"
Dick Dale, "California Sun"
Too Skinnee J's, "BBQ"
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, "BBQ USA"
Mel Torme, "Cow Cow Boogie"
Frank Sinatra/Tommy Dorsey, "Tell Me At Midnight"
Punch the Clown, "USA Jam"
The Pietasters, "Factory Concerto"
Joplin/Schoenfeld, "The Easy Winners"
Zydeco Force, "Shaggy Dog Two-Step"
Vivaldi/Perlman, Concerto in a minor (1st movement, allegro)
Sibelius/New York Philharmonic, Symphony #5 (3rd movement)
Big Bad Bollocks, "Waxie's Dingle"
The Pogues, Medley
Man or Astro-Man?, "Philip K. dick in the Pet Section of a Wal-Mart"
They Might Be Giants, "Hypnotist of Ladies"
Velocity Girl, "Sorry Again"
The Victim's Family, "Mousetrap"
Barrance Whitfield and the Savages, "Rockin' the Mule"
Ensemble Escargot, "A Shot in the Dark"
Ween, "Tick"
Mel Torme, Duke Ellington Medley
Buddy Guy, "Some Kind of Wonderful"
Frank Sinatra/Tommy Dorsey, "Shadows in the Sand"
Uselass Playboys, "Caravan"
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