Episode 113: "Happy Scrappy Hero Pup"

1995 September 25
Doghouse Riley, Joe P------k
Top Ten List:
Top Ten Signs it's Going to be a Long School Year
Quien es mas spring?
James Galloway def. Koto Ensenble, "L'Autumno"
Other Bits:
Sci-Fi Summary, Ivy League Football
Randal joins us, if only in spirit(s).
Playlist: Violent Femmes, "4 Seasons"
Frenchy, "Devil's Beatin' His Wife"
The Victim's Family, Anti-Satan Song for Mom
Man or Astro-Man?, "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
Los Lobos, "I Got Loaded"
Camper Van Beethoven, "O Death"
Prokofiev/USSR Defense Ministry Band, Sports Games March Dexy's Midnight Runners, "Come On Eileen"
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, "Transylvanian Xmas"
The Ziggens, "Instant Christmas"
Vivaldi/New Koto Ensemble of Tokyo, "Autumn"
Vivaldi/James Galloway, "Autumn"
CJ Chenier, "Too Much Fun"
Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, "Too Much Fun"
Lisa Habech, Barbara Nelson et al., "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht"
Big Red Marching Band, Evening Song
Mojo Nixon, "Sleigh Ride"
Garrison Keillor, "Sons of Knute Christmas Dance and Dinner"
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, "Machine Gun"
Giant Ant Farm, "Rubbing Fortune"
Next Episode:
"Queens of Swing"

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