Episode 309: "Breakfast Scotch"

1996 March 18
Doghouse Riley, Joe P------k
Bridge Tips:
Top Ten List
Top Ten Rejected Irish Pub Names
Other Bits:
ECAC Hockey Tournament report
Joe's latest travelogue, St. Patrick's Day, Mexican Standoff
"My Waikiki Girl"
"O Ko'u Aloha Jade"
Squirrel Nut Zippers, "Good Enough for Granddad"
Real MacKenzies, "Outta Scotch"
Los Lobos, "I Got Loaded"
City of Glasgow Police Pipe Band, Quicksteps Ensemble Escargot, "Il"
Friends of Dean Martin, "Summertime"
The Chieftains, "Ferry Hill"
Black 47, "Danny Boy"
Lorena McKennitt, "Santiago"
Les Negresses Vertes, "Zobi la Mouche"
CIV, "Set Your Goals"
Joey Shithead and Cub, "Pencil Neck Geek"
"Bali Hali/Tak Shindo"
The Pogues, "Tosspint"
Pat Cardenas, "Black Nag Theme"
Big Bad Bollocks, "Waxie's Dargle"
Cake, "Ruby Sees All"
Björk Gudhmundsdottir and the Gudhmund Ingolfsson Trio, "Ruby Baby"
Robert Mitchum, "They Dance All Night"
Brave Combo, "No No No, Cha Cha Cha"
Devo, "Satisfaction"
Skaface, "Maire O'Connor"
The Pogues, "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah"
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