Episode 310: "I Had a Dream I Met Ken Nordine"

1996 March 25
Doghouse Riley, Joe P------k
Bridge Tips:
Top Ten List:
Top Ten Reasons Australia is More Fun Than Utah
Other Bits:
NCAA Hockey East Regional report
Danny Boy didn't write us up in "Positively State Street", Apology to Danny Boy
Ken Nordine, "Coral"
"Mauna Kea"
"Ekolu Mea Nui"
Connie Francis, "Bossa Nova Hand Dance"
Yma Sumac, "Taki Rori"
Outback, "Cuban Reflections"
Scott Joplin, "Wall Street Rag"
Stephen Kent, "White Tree (Calling)"
Squirrel Nut Zippers, "Wished for You"
Pixies, "Cactus"
Dead Kennedys, "Dead End"
The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, "Urban Gentleman"
Skankin' Pickle, "Go Home Now"
Rosemary Clooney, "Come-on-a-my-House"
"Pee-wee" and "Fingers", "Clap Hands"
Benny Goodman, "King Porter Stomp"
Jelly Roll Morton, "Hyena Stomp"
The Dickies, "Rosemary"
The Sweaters, "Hockey Sucks"
Ken Nordine, "The Vidiot"
The Crossfires, "Out of Control"
The Mallet Men, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
Skaface, "Ta i Bfad ó Tú"
The Ziggens, "Mrs. Brown"
Esquivel, "Sentimental Journey"
Glenn Miller, "Kalamazoo"
Dave Haus and the Powerhouse Five, "The Penguin"
Perry and Kingsley, "Jungle Blues from Jupiter"
Nine Inch Richards, "Closer" (Closer to Hogs mix)
Robert Mitchum, "Tic Tic Tic"
The Saints, "Huskie Team"
The Pogues, "South Australia"
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